Jaro Development Corporation Group (JDC Group), is a family owned and run corporation founded by the JARO siblings namely: Roberto, Oscar, and Benjamin it was established 1976. JARO’s first base of operations was at Barangay Bayan Luma, Imus, Cavite. JDC GROUP’s starting years was a humble beginning, the company engaged into hog dealership, sourcing meat from several farms in the nearby areas of Southern Luzon in order to meet the fast growing demand of its market requirement through persistent effort, hard work and dedication the fledgling company was able to develop its strong market tie up in a short period of time and because of this JDC GROUP have ventured into the commercial growing of hogs to able to meet the growing demands for the product that the company is catering in the market.

In April of 1984, JDC formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be included among the selected companies contributing to the nation-wide thrust towards agro-business industrial development. The quest for development has not ceased since the ever rising consumer standards and demand is flourishing the company have successfully meeting the demands and finally becoming one of the major players in the fresh meat industry not just in the southern part of the country but nation-wide.

From 1989 JDC four farms were erected, three in Cavite and one in Batangas, starting with a modest 75-sow level and a 6,500 heads population, the company has expanded its production capability through the years to the present 5,000 sow level which can produced 50,000 heads, simultaneous to this expansion effort, JDC GROUP successfully developed, through engineered genetics, their own unique breeder lines that produce high-performance boars and guilt’s as well as market hogs of meat yield and quality comparable to the best in the market.

The continuing business success of JDC Group has inspired the company to take the brave initiative to enter the processed meats industry, a manufacturing sector long dominated by big companies in the country. In 1998, the company launches its first line of processed meats products which JDC Group is truly proud.

· Longganisa Caviteña
· Longganisa Hamonado
· Sweet Ham
· Pork Sisig
· Pork Tocino
· Embutido